Danielle Hawkes is a family law attorney. She is a partner at The Salt Lake Lawyers

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Hawkes Justice - decisions made during divorce impact a family for years
Decisions Made During Divorce
Impact a Family for Years -
Care and Strategy are Critical
in Family Law Matters
Danielle is a partner of The Salt Lake Lawyers, a litigation firm that works in criminal, divorce, and civil litigation in Utah.
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Family Law

Danielle Hawkes is a family law attorney. She is a partner at The Salt Lake Lawyers, which is a down-to-earth law firm that aims for solutions, not fights. Danielle frequently handles cases involving domestic violence, high conflict, addiction, and high assets.

Experienced Litigator

Danielle has trial and courtroom experience and will not shy away from litigation when needed. In such cases, she understands the need to present the court with timely, well organized, and relevant evidence. To do so requires close attention to the strategy of each case. Fundamentally, it requires paying careful attention to the client’s story and the details that matter most to the client in relation to relevant laws.


Cost Effective Legal Strategy

Danielle’s goal is to develop the most cost-effective strategy to meet each client’s goals. In some situations, a strenuous fight cannot be avoided. However, where a fight can be avoided, it can save the client money and often leads to preferable outcomes. Overall, Danielle’s mission is to give a voice to underrepresented people and empower her clients through dynamic and strategic legal services.


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